City of Mountain Breezes
Cleveland, Georgia.

Cleveland-Letter of Commendation2 - Copy
photo courtesy of White County News - Stephanie Hill

On Tuesday February 2, 2021, Officers were dispatched to an overdose at an apartment complex. Dispatch advised that a subject was unresponsive and not breathing.

Officer Denton Vaughan arrived first and observed a mother, in the parking area, attempting to give CPR to her adult daughter.  The daughter's face and neck had turned blue, and her fingers and toes were bluish purple. The mother estimated that her daughter may have been down for  about  thirty minutes, in the near freezing temperature. Officer Vaughan felt for a pulse, but could not locate one, and immediately took over CPR. Corporal Brandon Wood arrived and assisted, while Sergeant Brandon

Landress administered NARCAN. Officers continued CPR until Cleveland Firefighter, Payton Cagle, took over and then they assisted him with still no pulse detected for several more minutes. They noticed her hand move, and checked again, finally finding a pulse. The daughter then sat up and began to speak.

The quick, decisive actions, and determination of these Officers and this Firefighter, not only saved this young woman’s life, but saved her mother and her children from an insufferable loss. Their actions reflect highly upon themselves, their profession, this department, and the City of Cleveland.

Mayor Turner and the City Council expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the quick thinking and acts performed to save this young woman's life.