Public Works

Public Works

The City of Cleveland Public Works Department takes care of streets, sidewalks and maintenance throughout the city.
The City is fortunate to contract with the Carlton H Colwell Detention center for additional man-power for maintenance in the city. For the cost of one employee, the city is able to have 10 men, four times a week, to help with the maintenance within the city.

What is public right-of-way and why do we need it?
The public right-of-way refers to the land area dedicated to public use, typically for pedestrian and vehicular movement. The public right-of-way is controlled and generally maintained by a public agency, such as the City, County, State, or Federal government. Public rights-of-way can include streets, alleys, sidewalks, paths, landscaping, drainage facilities, lighting, and other utilities and infrastructure.

What is an easement and why is it necessary?
Generally, easements establish a portion of private property where someone other than the landowner has legal property rights. Utility easements provide space for utilities such as water, sewer, electricity, and cable. Drainage easements allow water to flow to an area designated for detention. Access easements allow the public access across or to a particular area. No structures are allowed to be built over an easement, including swimming pools.

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